Saturday, February 25, 2012

REVIEW: Nostalgic Nail Lacquer "Andie"

Oh, Nostalgic Nail I love you so! I can NOT say enough wonderful things about their polishes - and even though I have eleventy billion polishes to try (not to mention swatch and review, let alone a full mani) I keep gravitating towards their shades -I can't resist the glitter!!! Today, I have NNL's "Andie" to review.

Nostalgic Nail Lacquer is an indie brand found on Etsy. "Andie" is from the Bizarre Teenage Love Triangle trio - the polishes are named after characters in "Pretty in Pink" -- Andie, Duckie and Blaine. Here's all 3 polishes:

Duckie, Andie, Blaine

Cute packaging! The labels make the glass look frosted, and I love the fonts they used for the polish names! Simple and effective.

Andie is a milky pink jelly base with large pink hex glitter and small purple glitter. The jelly base is not very pigmented (would still show VNL and that's not my style) so here I have shown it over a base of Essie "To Buy or Not to Buy", a pale lavender. This does give the polish a slight purple tint in the pictures, but "Andie" is pigmented enough to hold its shade with 2 coats.


Direct sunlight (just trying out different angles and light sources for best representation):

I really liked the consistency of "Andie" -- the jelly was thick enough to apply evenly, and the glitter was not too difficult to work with. As with "Duckie", I had to work with the hex glitter to get it evenly distributed on the nail, but I don't mind a bit of work for such an amazing polish! I love everything about it -- the colors, the finish, the's almost like pink polka dots floating in a sea of pink jello! Or maybe I just analyze things too much. Hmm...

My experience with NNL during purchase and shipping was nothing but positive. My polishes were shipped fast, and well wrapped. The Bizarre Teenage Love Triangle trio was actually my second purchase, and I have no doubt I'll be back for more!

Verdict: Yes, please. Soft, pretty, squishy glitter perfection! Definitely a keeper. When NNL restocks their Etsy store, snag a Bizarre Teenage Love Triangle trio while you can!

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