Saturday, March 24, 2012

Polish Peep Show: Hits Mari Moon "Modern" Set + Why I Don't Do Swatches (On My Own Hands)

YAAY NAIL MAIL! I've been so busy creating polishes for my Etsy shop that I've barely done anything with this blog! Thankfully now I'm on a break while awaiting supplies so I can get caught up on all the sparklies I've acquired recently. Today I have part of an order from Llarowe, one of the best US sellers of hard to find and international brands. Hits is a Brazilian company, and I'm sure without Llarowe procuring it for us American chickies, we would have a hard time finding it in the states!

I picked up a 4 pack of the Hits "Mari Moon" polishes -- my first purchase of any Hits polishes since I passed on the holo ones (am I the only person who's not super thrilled with linear holos? I like them, but........meh). The set ("Modern") included Cool, Trendy, Dreamy and Cutie Pie. For some reason, I'm a sucker for cosmetics sets, so of course I picked this instead of just one or two polishes to test out.

The packaging is super cute! I've come to realized that in addition to being a sucker for "sets", I'm a sucker for cute packaging! I've bought all kinds of stupid things just because the packaging was pretty or sparkly. I love the heart-shaped window at the front. See?

L to R: Cool, Dreamy, Trendy, Cutie Pie

And the bottles are cute -- I dig the cylindrical bottle, and the cartoonish font is something I'm always drawn to! Here are the bottles alone, and you can already see the color shift!!!

L to R: Cool, Dreamy, Trendy, Cutie Pie 

Cool is olive that shifts to a dark green, Dreamy is blue purple to red purple, Trendy is a light green/gold to.......not much of anything (in my opinion), and Cutie Pie is a teal blue to purple.

I am awful at describing things.

This shot of the bottles was taken indoors, natural light with the "sunlight" filter on iPhone's Instagram app. Not really true to life (see above) but pretty!!

L to R: Cool, Dreamy, Trendy, Cutie Pie 

The color shift in these babies is INSANEEEEEEEEEEE! Im really digging all of them, but I have to say that Trendy has the least color shift of the bunch. And in accordance with my decision that Polish Peep Show posts need swatches, I present to you some swatches. Please also note that I am impatient and sloppy when I'm exicted, so these swatches are a *perfect* example of why I HATE doing swatches on my own hands *taps feet impatiently and waits for swatch sticks*.

Oh, did I mention I'm getting swatch sticks? From now on, all swatches on those little guys. Stupid shaky hands, stupid putting top coat on too early, stupid can't pose for shots because my joints hate me!

Enough complaining, on to the pretty! Well, pretty colors, at least. First here's all 4, natural direct sunlight:

L to R: Cool, Dreamy, Trendy, Cutie Pie 

The color shift on Dreamy and Cutie Pie is very obvious. Cool shows a bit around the right side (from this perspective). And as you can also see, Trendy took the most damage with my impatience to put on top coat and take pictures. Seche Vite will drag your polish if it's too wet. Moral of the story? PATIENCE CHILDREN.

Here's another shot of all four (and I'm cringing at my work.................)

You've gotten through the worst! Now I'll reward you with some nicer shots of the color shift (as best as I could capture it):

Dreamy, blue purple to red purple shift!

Another angle of Dreamy's shiftyness

The best shot I could get of Cutie Pie's shift from blue to purple

Overall, the formula is very easy to work with -- 2 easy coats and I had opaque coverage (hooray!). The brushes on the Mari Moon polishes are notorious for being wonky, but mine were just fine. No problems with application whatsoever.

As for the colors, I'm partial to Dreamy and Cutie Pie because I loooooooooooove purple. Trendy is my least favorite, most because it's a weird shade that's not really "me".  I think it might be good for stamping over, but not as a plain mani.

Did anyone notice my nubs are growing???? Julep Nail Therapy is working really well!!!!

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