Sunday, March 25, 2012

NOTD: Hits Mari Moon "Dreamy"

After my gigantic swatch fail in this post, I had to  do something to make up for the awfulness of that paint-job. I feel like I didn't do the Hits Mari Moon polishes justice with my swatchtastrophie (I MADE A WORD), and I was smitten with know what happened..........

Check out that color shift! Note: the black stripes on my thumbnail are the reflection of my window bars on the surface of my nail. Yes, I live in the hood.


I can not stop staring at my hands in the sunlight! The color shift in Dreamy is very obvious -- not to mention freakin' gorgeous! I took this picture just for fun -- Instragram App (normal filter with "sunlight" adjustment). I love how shimmery and deep it looks! Don't mind the stray cat hair..........

L to R: Cat hair, manicure

And one last shot of the purple aspect of the color shift -- weird angle, but you get the idea!

I really Dreamy for a solo mani -- not often do I wear just one color (wait till you see some of my posts on layering!!!) but with shifty shades like the Mari Moon collection, one is enough (for once!).

Get these gorgeous shifty beauties at Llarowe while you can! She's always adding new products - I can't keep up!

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