Sunday, April 8, 2012

NOTD: Easter Candy! OPI "Funny Bunny" with Lynnderella "Sweets to the Sweet"

Happy Bunny Day! Im taking a break from eating candy to show you my Easter mani -- you know I had to use one of those gorgeous Lynnderellas I got yesterday!!! "Sweets to the Sweet" is a slightly pink milky base with varous shapes and sizes of blue, red, lime green, purple, pink and true green glitters. Since the base is so light, I decided to try it over OPI's "Funny Bunny", a sheer white jelly (no shimmer, which is out of the ordinary for me!)

Here's the final product:

Look at all that glitter!!!!!!!!!!! This is 2 coats of "Sweets to the Sweet" over 2 coats of "Funny Bunny". Pardon the stray glitter, but the formula of SttS takes a little coercing to get applied somewhat evenly. I have true problems with scattered glitters -- my OCD does NOT like the fact that there aren't even amounts of glitter on each nail. But, I'm starting to appreciate the way these types of glitters look.

My thumbnail showed a great example of the glitters. I flooded my cuticles a bit, but I was so excited to see the final result that I was rushing! Also, hi lappy in the background!

Another thing about Stts is the glitter shades -- these are NOT colors I ever would have dreamed of putting together in the past, but it really does look like bits of candy. I can't stop staring at my hands!

With the exception of that one stray piece of glitter on my index finger, I really like this shot! This is a fairly true to life representation of the base color -- like an off white tinged with pink. I really like it -- pinks aren't usually my thing but this I can deal with!

How'd I do on this bottle shot????? Lynnderella bottles are very easy for me to hold (and look relatively natural) so I was fairly pleased with how this came out :)

Now just for fun....................


Polish Peep Show: Candeo Colors & LYNNDERELLA!!!

Happy Easter and Happy Passover! I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful spring weather and the recent holidays . I am enjoying a day "off", meaning I am just being lazy and refusing to do anything more than cook dinner. Yaay!

Yesterday I received 2 awesome pieces of nail mail, and although the swatch sticks are STILL not here (shipping from Europe, takes foreverrrrrrrrrrrr) I just had to share!

Candeo Colors is quickly becoming one of my favorite Etsy polish sellers! The colors are absolute glitter bombs, which of course I am totally in favor of. This was my third order, which was the most fun because I caught the sale as soon as the Etsy shop opened, and got to watch everything sell out after I placed my order!

Unfortunately for me, one of my original color choices ("Rittenhouse", from the Philadelphia collection) was recalled after the sale due to an issue with warping glitter. This is a bummer, but I totally understand -- I wouldn't want to see an inferior product. I can't wait until the formula is revamped, but until then I have these beauties to experiment with:

L to R: Laser Light, Sprouse, Old City, Swoop, South Street

A brief breakdown of the colors:

  • Laser Light: Clear base with silver holo hexes, bars, & microglitter, and iridescent purple glitter (its hard to describe but it totally looks like straight purple holo, not the metallic aspect but just the flash of purple)
  • Sprouse: Black and white hexes and bars, and blue metallic glitter. Very pretty and similar to Lynnderella's "Connect The Dots", which I love! But, they are not dupes at all.
  • Old City: Clear base with gold holo hexes/micro glitter, bars. Going to be a FABULOUS topper!
  • Swoop: This one is weird. A mix of magenta, turquoise and dark blue hexes, silver shimmer, and large silver holo hex. Very pretty! I find I'm digging the unique color combos best of all!
  • South Street: A rainbow mix of square, hex and bar glitters. Similar in color scheme to the ever-elusive Lynnderella "The Glittering Crowd", but as with Sprouse it's different enough not to consider it a dupe.

I strongly urge you to sign up for email notification when Candeo Colors returns from their vacation -- their polishes sell out fast and do NOT disappoint in real life! Additionally, I will do a post soon with some comparisons of Sprouse and CtD, as well as South Street and TGC.

Now............this is the one I've been waiting for. I'm sure anyone that is reading this blog is familiar with the drama surround acquiring Lynnderella polishes as of late. I finally received my "wish list" order yesterday, and I could not wait to rip into the package! Too bad I picked it up as I was running out of the house to do food shopping and had to wait hoursssssssssssssssss to look at everything!

Sorry, I'll stop whining. Here are my new pretties:

L to R: Lovey Dovey; Love, Lace & Lilacs; Chocolatta Love; Sweets to the Sweet; Connect The Dots; Nosegay; The Glittering Crowd

There have been SO many swatches and detailed descriptions of these shades, I'm not even going to bother trying (also because Lynnderellas are so complex and I generally give a crappy description). CtD was going to be my backup bottle, but I decided to swap it for Nerd Lacquer's Holy Grail, which was top of my list during the last NL sale but sold out before I got on the computer. I realized I have so much polish I'll probably never finish my first bottle of CtD! Oh, I also ordered Boy Girl Party but it's backordered :(

Lynnderella polishes can be found at Llarowe, a great supplier of international and hard to find brands. The polishes are sold on a "wish list" basis, and per the website they are not accepting any new wish lists at this time. I hear they will be accepting new lists next month, so keep checking!

So, that's the peep show for today. Im off to eat more candy and wear my bunny ears around the house like a weirdo. As a side note, I almost forgot to take them off before chasing down the ice cream man. That might have been awkward.................

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

EXTRA EXTRA: OPI "Minnie Mouse" Collection

Hey everybody! Today we have another new category of posts -- EXTRA EXTRA!!! This is where you can read all about it................"it" being upcoming color collections from various polish brands! Of course, since I'm just starting this blog I don't have too many releases coming my way, but luckily the nice people at OPI must have said "aw look at her poor sad little blog, let's give her the releases too".

Just kidding, they give it to everyone that asks. But still, big thanks to OPI for the information!

Here is some background on the OPI Minnie Mouse collection, straight from the press release:

"OPI launches Vintage Minnie Mouse, including four limited edition nail lacquers, for summer. Created in honor of Disney’s beloved character, the colors encapsulate Minnie Mouse’s irresistible charm in playful, pretty shades of pink and red.
'OPI is so excited to collaborate with Disney and draw inspiration from one of the world’s most popular characters,' explains Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Executive VP & Artistic Director. 'This collection brings together the expertise of OPI and the iconic style of Minnie Mouse to inspire the distinct palette of vibrant, feminine shades for summer Nails will pop against summer skin in these classic, saturated hues – holding their own alongside the bold prints of the season.'
The line features a pink crème lacquer, one frosted red shade, a shimmery fuchsia, and a heart glitter confetti."

Enough blah blah, time for pictures!!!

Nothin' Mousie About It

"Don't squeak it - SHOUT IT! This confetti light pink is tops."

I'm All Ears

"Tell me how much you love this magenta shimmer"

If You Moust You Moust

"You gotta pink what you gotta pink."

The Color of Minnie

"You had this little mouse at 'red'."

As is standard with all OPI press release I've seen, the bottle shots are digitally created and not photographed. This makes it quite hard to judge the true color or consistency of a polish. This me no likey. I can't tell you how many times I have drooled over OPI press release photos, only to see the swatches later and think "that's not even the same color". But, at least we know the basics of what the colors will look like :)

I myself will probably get all of the shades except Nothin' Mousie About It -- I've already owned one of the Nicole by OPI polishes with pink hearts in it, and it's not something I ever found myself reaching for. At the very least I'll probably pick up The Color of Minnie because I don't own enough reds!

So what do you all think of this collection??