Sunday, March 4, 2012

My brain and myself are having creative differences. Also, cameras hate me.

I can't seem to think straight. Every time I think I have a plan laid out for posting, it all goes to hell. I don't want to copy other bloggers (meaning their formats). I don't want to post in a formula -- not the same things all the time, like clockwork. I want to do something different, something interesting.

I'm just afraid I'm not that interesting :(

But, I'm doing my best. Right now I'm working on coming up with some solid post categories and formats. The biggest problem is that I HATE doing swatches. Im totally impatient, I wind up rushing and painting all over my cuticles, and then the swatches look like crap. But I feel like at the very least "Polish Peep Show" should have swatches to go with the bottle shots. So tonight I'll be practicing my swatching skills on some frankens that I made, and then trying to properly photograph them.

Speaking of bottle shots, boyfriend got a new camera and macro lens setup so I'm busy trying to figure out how to take decent pictures! Seriously, I am the least gifted photographer in the universe. My hands shake, I'm impatient, I have no idea what I'm doing...........but, I'm determined to make it work!

Check out some interesting macro shots I took over the last week:

Dollish Polish "Random Dancing" (used in a ring sold in my Etsy shop):

And here's one of my frankens, "Shamrock" (also for sale in my Etsy shop!):

And a classic, Deborah Lippmann's "Across The Universe" (another ring in my Etsy shop!):

Have also been taking random photos around the house to test out the lighting and settings on the camera. The poor dogs are my usual subjects -- first up is Dottie, just checkin out the camera:

Then there's Scooter, just bein' a dude:

I also have 2 cats, but since the dogs moved in they are seldom seen outside the kitchen (where their food and water is). But here's one of them (Rainbows, her sister Christmas is busy sleeping in my lightbox......) hanging out in the kitty condo my boyfriend got for the kitties, with her buddy Dottie napping below (yes that is a potty patch in the lower right corner, they are AWESOME for dogs that need to "go" frequently):

And even though this last one was taken with my Iphone, it's too cute not to share:

Muppets have taken over my bed.

So there's some pictures. Now bear with me while I reformat, do some swatching and photo taking, and tend to my Etsy shop. It's franken city over here!!

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