Sunday, March 11, 2012

Drugstore Score: Wet N Wild "Bejeweled" Collection

I have a slight problem with drugstores. I can't walk in one without buying polish! Yesterday I ran some errands and stopped at Duane Reade before I went home. All I needed was a pack of smokes (bad, yes I know) but then these beauties caught my eye.............

L to R: Born Into Privilege, Jewels For Your Highness, Bow In My Presence, Speak When Spoken To

The Wet N Wild "Bejeweled" Collection! I've heard that these are dupes for some of the China Glaze Prismatic collection, but I don't have that one yet to compare. Just to give a bit more info, here are some shade descriptions (by me, so of course they will be filled with made up words.......)

Born Into Privilege: Gold glitter base with pink duochrome effect, multi glitter specks

Jewels For Your Highness: Pink glitter base with green duochrome effect, multi glitter specks

Bow In My Presence:  Green glitter base with pinky-red duochrome effect, multi glitter specks

Speak When Spoken To: Blue glitter base with greenish duochrome effect, multi glitter specks

Its so hard to describe these! I haven't had a chance to swatch on my nails yet, just on paper (I sometimes use a coated paper plate to do quick swatches, the coating on the paper will keep the polish from being absorbed into the paper plate and lets you get a rough idea of color). I missed one color, The Crown Is Mine, but I'm pretty sure I'll wind up stalking Duane Reade until I get my hands on it!

Here's another picture with flash (colors messed with to give a better idea of the shades):

Gorgeous! I haven't seen them anywhere but Duane Reade as of yet, and they were $2.99 each -- not bad, but keep in mind the bottles are only 9ml as opposed to the standard 15ml bottles. So a little pricey, but SUPER PRETTY!

Now off to get ready for a pedicure and shopping with my BFF :)

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  1. I actually got 2 or 3 of these cuties last week, also at a duane reade downtown... like chambers? i haven't tried em yet... but i am soon ! :)