Thursday, March 22, 2012

NOTD: Sinful "Cinderella" with OPI "Super Bass Shatter" (AKA: Resuscitated Fail Mani)

I admit, I'm not usually one to follow trends when it comes to fashion or hairstyles. But, when it comes to cosmetics, I tend to follow the pack in terms of what's hot. Sinful's "Cinderella" has been getting love all over forums and blogs, so after seeing 1,234,201,382 swatches I decided I had to get it.

Unfortunately for me, it looked TERRIBLE on my nails. So sheer that even after 4 fairly thick coats I still had VNL -- and it looked awfulllllllllllllllll. Side note on VNL, I really only like seeing it with the occasional nude or pink shade. To me, Cinderella is NOT a shade I want to see VNL with.

I won't even torture you with the pictures. It looks like I have no idea how to paint my nails. Instead, I'll show you how I tried to save the mani -- by adding a shatter topcoat! OPI "Super Bass Shatter", part of the Nicki Minaj collection, is a pretty red based purple crackle topcoat -- WITH SHIMMER. Im never opposed to anything purple, or with shimmer. So on it went, and here's the result:

With flash

Crappy cleanup (again) :/



I think the contrast of the sky blue and the purple is nice! Also, kinda springy (I guess) -- boyfriend was helping me pick a mani when I chose Cinderella, and his suggestion was a robins-egg blue (you know, for spring) stamped over with white. Too bad I owned ONE pale blue (Cinderella) and no white polishes for stamping (I know, I know, what the hell?!?!?). Cinderella fit the bill for a pale blue, but i really just hated the formula. Plus, on its own it gave me super lobster hands (makes my skin look red). Pale blue is NOT a good color for me.

Whatcha think about this color combo?

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