Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Adventures In Stamping: Foil and hand painted details

 Today, I decided to test out the new Shany stamping plates that my thoughtful boyfriend got for me :) It's so cute that he pays attention to what I'm babbling about when I get into polish mode!

For this mani, I used 2 coats of Zoya "Trixie" as a base. I scored "Trixie" during Zoya's recent promo for 2 free polishes. I wasn't sure i needed a silver foil but swatches were making me drool. I'm so glad i did wind up getting it! I stamped over with Konad Special Polish in black, and then filled in some of the little accents with Kat Von D's "Wonderchild" (purple) and "Mad Max" (blue). I think i went overboard, but it was great practice with the detail brushes - and my boyfriend is happy that the Shany plates were a success.

Here's what the final result was:

I thought it looked a bit like wallpaper, but my BFF loved it and demanded I do this look on her toes soon! Oh, just ignore my pinky -- I had started out testing another stamp (little circley guys) but it wasnt working out well so I switched to the floral design and was too lazy to redo my pinky :/

Here's another shot (Iphone, you are not disappointing with the camera):

All in all, it really was fun to play with the stamps and practice with the detail brushes. I have very unsteady hands, so I need LOTS of time to get used to filling in small details! And, it just so happens that today ANOTHER set of stamping plates arrived (courtesy of boyfriend), so keep an eye out for more stamping posts in the near future!

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