Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Basics

Hi Everybody!

I thought I'd start off my blog with a little about me, why I'm writing this blog, and my stash! Im still learning how to use my new camera ( I hate technology!!) so any advice about how to make the pictures turn out better would be welcome!

About me -- I'm 30 years old, live in the NYC metro area, just got laid off from my job (well, I kind of quit, it was a mutual agreement) and now finally have the time to dedicate to a blog! I live with my boyfriend, his 2 dogs and my 2 cats (we refer to the house as "The Zoo" sometimes!). I'm the eldest of 4 children and the only girl, and have an awesome -- and slightly insane -- family and close group of friends.

The whole goal of my blog is just to share things that make me happy. Mostly that translates to nail polish! I enjoy finding interesting color combinations, frankening my own polish, and attempting nail art -- I'm not great at it, but I'm improving the more I practice. Now if only my shaky hands would cooperate!!

Just because I'm writing a blog about nail polish doesn't mean I think I know everything about polish. I certainly do not. Everything posted here is a learning experience -- from the polishes, to nail art techniques, even down to the actual act of blogging!

For my very first post, here's some pics of my stash! Im still working on a list of all my polishes, but I'm sure anyone reading this blog will be able to tell what most of the shades are! Hopefully all of them will be featured in NOTD posts or reviews, but eventually I'll have the list up if anyone is interested.

My collection is housed is 2 rotating polish racks, each holding approximately 144 polishes. They are not full, probably 1 and 1/4 full at this point. My wonderful boyfriend got me the first one, which was full instantly, and I just picked up the second one a few days ago. I can't tell you how much it has helped me to keep my stash organized, as well as help me with creative mani ideas. Sometimes I forget whats in my collection -- I get focused on certain shades or brands for a while, and then one day BAM! Oh hello, I forgot about you little sparkly polish!

This is what the racks look like (one side, of course):

And here are the shelves! Let's start with purple (my favorite!), first 2 shelves:

3rd and 4th purple shelves:

Purple #5, looking sad and empty! Hmm, should I get more?:

Now onto black and dark grey!:

Followed by light grey and silver:

Brown and white/cream have 2 shelves:

Now blues, shelf 1 and 2:

Blues 3 and 4:

Last little blue guy:

Greens! 1 and 2:

3rd and 4th green shelves:

Time for pink! Just these 2 shelves, but I'm sure that will grow!:

Red and orange are below pinks -- Just one red, orange is shelf 1 of 2:

Orange part deux:

Last, but not least..........flakies and gold/copper!:

Phew! I never was one to buy just one of anything.............

I hope you enjoyed a peek at my polish stash! Comments are more than welcome :)

P.S. -- Im seeing very quickly how off the colors in the pictures are -- anyone have any good tips for getting more true-to-life colors? I have a light box setup coming in the mail, but...........HELP!

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