Friday, February 24, 2012

Polish Peep Show: Glitter Gal "10 to Midnight" and "Orange Sparkle"

The title sounds scandalous, but don't be afraid! Polish Peep Show is the time for me to show you just a peek of new polishes as I receive them, and give you an idea of what might be coming up in future posts -- but bottle shots only! Just a little teaser :)

Today's Polish Peep Show is a mini-haul from Llarowe, a great US retailer of international and hard to find brands. Most notably Llarowe carries Lynnderella polishes during their rare availability, but they also carry Ozotic, Picture Polish, A-England, Glitter Gal, and more. And Lean Ann, the driving force behind Llarowe, is a super sweet and hardworking lady!

During a recent sale, I picked up Glitter Gal's "10 to Midnight" and "Orange Sparkle". I haven't had the chance to try any Glitter Gal plishes, so I was really excited to get them at a discount. Side note about Glitter Gal polishes, the bottles are smaller than most brands. That was the original deterrent for me in buying them, but sale = buy all the things!

 Check them out:

"10 to Midnight" (left) is a gorgeous charcoal linear holo, and "Orange Sparkle" (right) is a burnt orange sort-of frost with holo sparkle. OS was an impulse purchase -- though orange is my favorite color, I don't usually go for it on my hands. But, since it was only around $7, I had to try it out (I'm a sucker for a deal)! 10TM was  a serious lemming -- and my first linear holo (aside from Nicole by OPI "Make a Comet-ment", which I've only every used for frankening). I am super excited to try these out!

Check out Llarowe for Glitter Gal polishes and much more! I am dying to get my hands on some of the Hits and A-England polishes ASAP!

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